The Criteria to Find a Needle in an Academic Haystack

Go back to the basics

While comparing two services majorly when it comes to writing, the following bullet points are the key criterion to start with. Services, which do not even offer the basics such as the nine listed attributes below, Blogy Blog believe you should then just watch out! The basics of a good service start from these below:

  • Free unlimited amendments or revisions.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • Plagiarism free work or no duplication.
  • Quality satisfaction guarantee.
  • Affordable & compatible prices.
  • Discounts available.
  • Privacy guarantee and security of private details.
  • Free title page and free bibliography.
  • on-time delivery with money-back guarantee.


Hunt for the Best Service Available

It’s not easy to find the best service when a plethora of websites are available. Students have difficulty in writing for different reasons. So, when seeking for a professional writing service or any service online, Blogy Blog suggests that you should review their course of creating content since this is different in all services by asking them questions. This could be possible by communicating with them. Usually those with a take it or leave it attitude are not really concerned with what you want so, while looking out for their process, you would clearly have an idea which one stands out.

Detection of Similarities and Differences

Blogy Blog understands it is a nightmare to compare websites so: we came up with a new idea. For setting one website different from the other you can see what they have to offer. By discovering their similarities and differences, you can know which one is offering more and is best in what it delivers. For example, one service offers you unlimited reviews while others don’t, it is sufficient for you to decide which one to choose. Remember the Venn diagram that was used in schools, we believe that could be of some help now!

Sample Works – Look for Them

Websites usually provide with their sample works when you order or show your intention towards ordering. This is the best chance to compare because based on the criteria of how they write and elaborate the topics: it would be evident how much they put effort in the way these websites complete an order. Blogy Blog believes questions such as Is it critical? Is it descriptive? Is it according to the requirements? Is it useful? Will it help me pass my course? All these questions are answered when samples are compared.

Read Reviews

People let their heart out when they are writing reviews. Either it’s an extremely enthusiastic one because the client was happy for what he received from the website or it ended up being a bad dream for the client which he or she wants to forget by taking it out on the website, Blogy Blog thinks reviews are helpful. Students or others should compare the number of good and bad reviews that customers have posted on the websites to see which one is the best.